Sunday, 6 July 2014

Wild Boar Hunt - Sweden 2014

I was lucky enough to visit Sweden at the end of May with a couple of friends for three nights wild boar hunting, the hunting consisted of sitting in high seats during the night overlooking feeding sites approximately fifty meters away.

On the first night I had two boar come into my post but they were very wary and left after only a few seconds and didn't give me a chance to make a shot. One of my friends Eilert was on his first wild boar hunt and took his first boar on the first night, so this was a great start to the trip. On the second and third night there were no boar to be seen but I could hear them moving around and squealing in the forest, my friend Eilert also managed to add a second on the second night so his trip was getting better and better. On the third and final night my other friend Jon Anders took a boar and that left me being the only one not to pull the trigger, nevertheless it was a great trip and I look forward to going back again next year.

All of the boar taken were yearling pigs so perfect for eating, one has already been consumed! :)

Eilert with his first boar! :)

The result of a weekends hunting!
A typical feeding site.
And here is the result when we got back home to Norway! :)

BBQ Wild Boar Ribs & Back Straps.....


  1. Hi!
    Great job !! Yes we hace a lot of them here and there in Sweden. Here at home we have many. My partner did see the other day while Walking the dogs some on 30 metres....not nice if they have small ones. Our farmer nearby prepares for hunting in the corn fields now. When the crop comes to a stadium whiel growing the boars are coming.
    Tyra is pregnant and we will have puppies about 28 July

    1. Hi Majsan, it's just a matter of time till the wild boar populate Norway, so far it seems the hunters in the East are holding them off, until that time I'm happy to visit and hunt in Sweden :)

      That's great news with Tyra, I'm looking forward to seeing the puppy pictures :)

      Geordie is coming along great, we have been working on his blood tracking now and he is doing excellent, so I'm hoping to get him approved as a qualified blood tracking dog.


  2. Greetings from a neighbor, therefore, on the Finnish side. I came across your blog and I added it in there reading my list. :)

    1. HI,

      Thanks for following my blog!

      I'm now following your blog as well :)


  3. Hi Jonathan,

    That's how it sometimes ends. It would not be fun if everyone succeeded every time. You will have your time :)
    That food looks lovely, I'll better go and eat something.


    1. Thank you Greg,

      It was a great hunt even thought I didn't get to pull the trigger, as you said that's the way it goes.

      I'm looking forward to going back.

      Atb. Jonathan

  4. Hi Jonathan,
    Great job! Want to hunt with you in somedays


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