Thursday, 22 May 2014

First adder 2014

Due to the current dog leash rule in place in Norway at the moment, I was out laying some scent trails with a roe deer hock the other week for Geordie when I had a close encounter with an adder. I had already set out the trail and one hour later was tracking it with Geordie, he was following the trail perfectly when all of a sudden in front of us I noticed this little guy laying out in the sun.

The adder was about 45-50cm long, we were very lucky that Geordie didn't get bit as due to the warm temperature the adder was very active and hissing.


  1. I have adder fobic ?? ormfobi on Swedish.
    Vilja is taking them with her mounth. You have to have a Eye on her all the time when Walking along our forrest roads. Often the adders lay in the grass and sunbathing.
    Vilja will for sure be bitten one day......
    Yes I am Little scared to lay tracks now really because of this. Now we have very warm, yesterday +26 C.

    1. Hi Majsan,

      Thanks for the comment =)

      I'm really nervous now when training Geordie in the forest, the weather is so warm and humid it's perfect for the adders. I'm not afraid of them, but just worried that the dog will get bitten so I keep him on a very short lead. Fingers corssed we both avoid any bites.

      Good look with the training =)

      Atb. Jonathan


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