Tuesday, 13 August 2013

First foxes for 2013

Joined my friend Jon Anders to try and thin out the number of foxes in our hunting terrain a little while back. We have been out a few of times now without success so we were hoping for some results.

We set up over a recently felled area of woodland and set up the electronic caller and spinning decoy, we started off with some mouse squeaks to see if there was anything in the immediate area but after 15 minutes and no signs of a fox, we switched over to the hare calls. After about 30 minutes of intermittent calling a young fox appeared in front of Jon Anders at about 80 meters and he quickly dropped it on the spot with a shot through the front of the chest as he was facing towards him.

Upon inspection it was clear that it was one of this years cubs.

The roe buck hunt started on the 10th August over here in Norway and whilst sitting in my high seat about 30 minutes before last light waiting for a buck I noticed something white moving in the distance, up with my rifle and a quick check through the scope confirmed it was a fox. A quick squeak got it's attention to which it sat upright and I placed the cross hairs on the centre of the chest and released the shot, the 200 grain Lapua Mega dropped the fox on the spot and I made my way down to collect it.

A nice big dog fox taken out of action!

We have a lot of foxes in our hunting terrain so a few of us have decided that with every opportunity we get we will take a fox to help reduce the number a little and in doing so help out the other wildlife.


  1. What do the fox prey on in that area? Jack

  2. Hi Jack,

    Foxes will eat pretty much anything, but the main prey items would be the roe deer kids, hare and ground nesting birds such as woodcock, black grouse, capercaillie.

    We have been getting lots of photos of fox on our game cameras and we have noticed a decline in the numbers of birds therefore the hunting club board members have stopped the shooting of female birds and encourage the shooting of fox and badger to help the population to recover.

  3. Good work eeven though I cant shoot a fox, reminds me to much of a dog. One who has rabies is ok.
    We have a lot of them too. We will have some hunting with dog when that starts


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