Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New hunting companion!

Well after a number of years of wanting, I am only a few days away from being the proud owner of a puppy. I have wanted a dog for many years now, but due to family commitments, travelling with work and a small apartment in the city I did not feel I could fully commit to giving it the attention and the environment it deserves. Then came the year 2012 and there were some big changes in my life, firstly a new job with very little travelling and then moving out of my apartment to a lovely house with a nice garden and easy access to fields and open areas. Growing up in the countryside this was the closest I could get to it, whilst still living in Oslo and it was a perfect location to raise my five year old son with my girlfriend. That being said, there was also the thought that this could also be the perfect location to own a dog, so this got me thinking as to what breed would be suitable for my family and also for my hunting interests.

After lots of back and forth between a beagle, dachshund or a drever, I finally decided that a dachshund/ teckel ticked all of the boxes in my requirements. I decided upon a standard size, short haired, black and tan dog which I will train to hunt roe deer and hare, as well as blood tracking. In Norway you are permitted to use small dogs for hunting deer, the small body and short legs of the dachshund ensures there is no chance of the roe deer being chased down to exhaustion and caught, the dachshund simply locates the fresh tracks of the deer and bumbles along barking as it follows them, the roe deer then simply begin to move around in the terrain and its the hope that they will pass one of the occupied hunting posts.

Here are some pictures of the new addition, he will be named 'Geordie' ( pronounced Jordy) which is a term given to people from the North East of England and is where I grew up.


I pick him up from the breeder this weekend when he turns eight weeks old, I'm counting down the hours :-)

He comes from great hunting lines and his father is a Swedish Hunting Champion, I look forward to enjoying many hours now in the forest training him to hunt and track - hopefully he's got some of his fathers talent!

My blog will be updated with the action and his achievements as and when it happens.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats! A pity you diddnt sign up with my litter. My Tyra and Ayla are from Norway and I know the breeders well. Who is the mothr and the father?? I am very updated with the hunting lines of course in Sweden too.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for the comment, I was looking at the pictures of your puppies a few weeks ago, they looked great! =)

      I really like the wirehaired but the shorthaired was a compromise with my girlfriend.

      Below are the details of the parents:

      S16879/2007 Vesleöksna's B-Jeppe

      FI18435/10 Unita's Amber

  2. ok, maybe not, read more carefully....shorthaired. we have wire haired

  3. Why not wire haired? Short haired are more frozen in the wintertime. THey hunt as good as wire haired of course. But you have to be careful because they easy get subcooled

  4. Beautiful pup! I hope you keep us updated with progress reports! Jack

    1. Thank you Jack,

      I'll post the progress on my blog as he develops, right now we're just getting him settled and working on the toilet training and basic commands.

      Atb. Jonathan


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