Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New hunting companion!

Well after a number of years of wanting, I am only a few days away from being the proud owner of a puppy. I have wanted a dog for many years now, but due to family commitments, travelling with work and a small apartment in the city I did not feel I could fully commit to giving it the attention and the environment it deserves. Then came the year 2012 and there were some big changes in my life, firstly a new job with very little travelling and then moving out of my apartment to a lovely house with a nice garden and easy access to fields and open areas. Growing up in the countryside this was the closest I could get to it, whilst still living in Oslo and it was a perfect location to raise my five year old son with my girlfriend. That being said, there was also the thought that this could also be the perfect location to own a dog, so this got me thinking as to what breed would be suitable for my family and also for my hunting interests.

After lots of back and forth between a beagle, dachshund or a drever, I finally decided that a dachshund/ teckel ticked all of the boxes in my requirements. I decided upon a standard size, short haired, black and tan dog which I will train to hunt roe deer and hare, as well as blood tracking. In Norway you are permitted to use small dogs for hunting deer, the small body and short legs of the dachshund ensures there is no chance of the roe deer being chased down to exhaustion and caught, the dachshund simply locates the fresh tracks of the deer and bumbles along barking as it follows them, the roe deer then simply begin to move around in the terrain and its the hope that they will pass one of the occupied hunting posts.

Here are some pictures of the new addition, he will be named 'Geordie' ( pronounced Jordy) which is a term given to people from the North East of England and is where I grew up.


I pick him up from the breeder this weekend when he turns eight weeks old, I'm counting down the hours :-)

He comes from great hunting lines and his father is a Swedish Hunting Champion, I look forward to enjoying many hours now in the forest training him to hunt and track - hopefully he's got some of his fathers talent!

My blog will be updated with the action and his achievements as and when it happens.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Game Camera Pic's 7th-15th June

Just a few more pictures from my game camera, I have now hopefully fixed the pink pictures caused by the stuck infared lens so any future pictures should turn out as normal.

I've been out scouting a few times now and we are seeing lots of animal sign so it's looking good for the start of the season :-)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

An interesting find in the forest!

I was out scouting my terrain on Saturday with a friend and checking our game cameras when we found a shed antler from a bull moose. I decided to take it home and see if I could find any pictures of the moose on our game camera's which it may have belonged to.

I think I have found a pretty good match, the little spike between the fork is an interesting little feature and makes it unique to any of the others bull moose I have seen in the area.

Hopefully we'll bump into him again during the moose hunt in October, this time he should be a 6 Pointer at least!

Monday, 10 June 2013

A few game camera pictures

Went to check on my game camera at a new salt stone we set up and had these pictures. The red filter has jammed on the camera so the daytime pictures have a pinkish look to them, it's an easy fix and I will sort this out next time I visit the camera.

These next three photo's are quite interesting, the fox appears to have a hare in it's mouth and it almost looks like it grabs it on the second photo and carries it off in the third. Have a look at see what you think!

And now for a heavily pregnant roe doe, I don't think she can be far from giving birth looking at the size of her on these pictures!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

First Scouting Trip

Took advantage of the recent good weather a couple of weeks ago and had a trip out into the forest to put out some salt stones and also set up the game cameras to see if we had many animals in the area prior to the roe buck hunt. We hadn't been in the terrain 10 minutes when we came across buck scrapes and when we looked closer into one we could see there was a tick lying right in the middle full to the brim of blood so clearly this was a very fresh scrape and the tick had fallen off after gorging itself.

Here's a pic of the roe buck scrape, if you look closely you can see the tick lying in the middle.

We set out a couple of salt stones in quiet areas close to water but a away from footpaths so as not to frequently have the animals disturbed by hikers, cyclists and dog walkers etc.

We checked the game camera situated by one of the salt stones this week and we were very happy to see we had some action, over 200 photo's of this young bull moose, think we may have to increase the time between photos to prevent hundreds being taken in a few minutes.

Hopefully we'll get some pictures of roe bucks before the start of the buck season on the 10th August... I'm already counting down the days!  :-)