Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Swedish Wild Boar Hunt

Myself and my friend Jon Anders have just returned from a weekend Swedish wild boar hunt. We departed Oslo at 9am and hit the road for our intended destination of Karlskrona about 8.5 hours drive away. The drive was long but we were kept entertained by the number of roe deer in sight on the fields next to the highway, we had literally seen hundreds by the time we reached Karlskrona at 5:30pm.

We were met by our guide for the weekend, Ola Melkersson who showed us to the guest house and agreed to pick us up again at 7:45pm so we could relax for a couple of hours before the hunt. We had planned the hunt to coincide with the full moon to give us the best possible light during the night.

Ola has the hunting rights on several farms in the area and helps the local farmers keep the numbers down as they are like a plague in this area of Sweden. He maintains the feed sites on a daily basis, this coupled with game cameras gives him a good idea of which areas are being visited by the boar ensuring we are set up in the best areas.

7:45pm arrived and Ola picked us up and took us to the feed sites. I was posted on a tree stand in a clearing in the forest about 35 meters from the feeder, I climbed up and got myself comfortable for the long night ahead. Now comfortable I glanced to my right only to see a curious young moose cow staring right at me about 40 meters away, I sat watching her for 15 minutes in the binoculars before she quietly slipped away into the forest.

Here is a pic of the feeder right in front of the tree stand, to the left of me and not shown in the photo there was also a nice open meadow.

As the light started to fade I could hear animals were beginning to move in the forest around me, then at approximately 10pm I noticed a black blob scurrying from the end of the clearing straight ahead of me towards the feeder, this was quickly followed by another 4 and they made straight for the feeder. I slowly got my rifle ready then felt the horrible sign of wind on the back of my neck, almost immediately the boar scattered and grunted as they picked up my scent.

I sat there for several more hours with no sign and the wind swirling in all directions, then at about 2:45am I heard a huge grunt come from the area behind the trees to the left of the feeder, the pigs had returned but had got my scent again, I sat their till 4am with nothing more showing we were picked up a returned to the guest house for some much needed sleep.

My friend Jon Anders also had a quiet night, he saw a small pig in the forest but it did not come out in the open and soon disappeared, though he did have a pine martin feeding away at the feeder.

Saturday evening due to the wind conditions Ola set me up in a different post situated on garden chair behind a stone wall and situated on a small hill overlooking some fields, about 40 meters away was an upturned bucket with feed under it and a large rock placed on the top to prevent anything apart from boar getting to the feed. Again as the light started to fade the forest started to come alive, I hadn't been sitting there long when I heard a large grunt come from the trees at the back of the field I was overlooking, unfortunately nothing came of it and the hours rolled by. Then at about 1am I heard another grunt and some scurrying about 75 meters to my left, this is where Ola said they might appear from and judging from the noise I guess they also got wind of me and scattered. The pigs in this area have high hunting pressure so only venture out during the nights and are very spooky. I did get the fright of my life at about 2am when a roe deer crept in behind me and then barked and ran off just about 5 meters from where I was sitting, took a few minutes to get my heart to slow down, thought at first it was a wild boar and almost panicked - lol

Here are some photo's of my post for the second night.

My friend Jon Anders had a more successful night and got his first wild boar weighing about 50 kg, he had opted to sit in the same post as the night before in a comfortable little cabin overlooking a small field at the forest edge.

Below are a few pics of Jon Anders and his first boar which dropped on the spot to a 180 grain bullet through the shoulders.

I have no affiliation to Ola but would highly recommend him if you would like to give boar hunting a go in Sweden. You can check out his blog which has his email and phone number at the top:

A big thank you to Ola for arranging the hunt and congratulations to Jon Anders on his first wild boar.

We're both talking about planning another trip :-)


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