Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Large Game Shooting Test ..... Taken & Passed! =)

Our local rifle range opened on Monday so myself and my friend Jon Anders made the trip after work to check our rifles before our planned hunting trip to Sweden for wild boar, (information and pic's will follow after the trip!). I had previously sighted my rifle in with Prvi Partizan FMJ so I needed to make some adjustments to suit my hunting load of 200 grain home rolled Lapua Mega, as it turned I was only shooting a couple of centimeters out so the adjustments were quick and easy allowing me to sight in my rifle with 3 shots. Whilst at the range I noticed the hunters large game shooting test was available to take and as I had plenty of ammunition left after the quick zeroing session, I paid the fee and made my way to the shooting stand. To pass the shooting test you have to get five shots in the kill area of a animal shaped target at 100 meters, my target was a reindeer, there are no markings on the target to show the kill zone and you cant see your results till after all 5 shots have been taken. I loaded up my Sauer 202 Classic XT with 5 rounds and took my sitting position to take he test, you are permitted to do it lying prone, sitting or standing.

Five shots later, here are the results:

As you can see my shots are slightly to the right, this is because the kill zone is centered around the front shoulder and I like to shoot just behind the front legs to avoid destroying the shoulder, it's not my best group but it's not bad either and as it's a pass, it's one less thing to worry about before the start of this years hunting season.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a report on my Wild Boar Hunt in Sweden at the end of the month. 


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