Sunday, 28 April 2013

First Adder 2013

Whilst scouting for fresh beaver sign with a friend we stumbled across this little guy just laying out in the open. It was a cold evening and there was still ice on the lake with snow in places so he wasn't very active and just lay there hissing so I took the opportunity to get a couple of pics on my iPhone.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Second Shooting Competition

Met my friend Jon-Anders and a friend of his Eilert at Frogn Hunting & Fishing club's shooting range today to participate in my second shooting competition ('jaktfelt' in Norwegian). The weather was overcast upon arrival but conditions were wet and icy due to heavy rain the previous days, luckily for us though the rain held off during the shooting competition.

For the competition I was using my Sauer 202 Classic XT in 30-06 with my A-Tec Maxim Sound Moderator, for ammunition I was using Prvi Partizan (PPU) 150grain FMJ, really cheap ammunition but they perform very well in my rifle shooting into an inch at 100 meters.

Below are some pictures of the targets used during the competition, these are not the targets I shot at, just examples for the shooters to familiarise themselves with before the competition.

Stage 1 was a badger at 73 meters and was a sitting stage, here I scored 5 hits all of which were inside the bulls-eye giving me a score of 25 from 25 :-) great start!

Stage 2 was a roe buck at 150 meters and was also a sitting stage, on this post I scored 5 hits of which four were in the bulls-eye so a score of 23 from 25.

Stage 3 was a fox at 85 meters and this was a standing stage, here things went down hill and I pulled a couple of shots, only getting 3 shots in the target area and only 2 shots in the bulls-eye for a score of 13 from 25.

Stage 4 was a squirrel at 50 meters and sitting, here I again got 5 shots all in the bulls-eye for a score of 25 from 25.

Stage 5 was a crow at 40 meters and this was another standing stage, here I improved greatly on my previous standing stage and scored 5 shots in the target with 4 in the bulls-eye for a score of 23 from 25

Stage 6 the final stage was a wolverine at 80 meters sitting, here I scored 5 hits with 4 in the bulls-eye again for a score of 23 from 25.

This brought my total for the event to 132 from a possible 150 and placed me in 2nd place from 41 participants shooting within my class, so a great result :-) My friend Jon-Anders placed 8th and Eilert came in at 10th.

I have won a prize for my result so will post a pic up of this as soon as I receive it :-)

Thanks for reading!