Monday, 18 February 2013

Garden guests - update!

As you may have seen in my earlier posts I have had my game camera out in the garden to capture some picturess of the roe deer which often come to visit and feed under the bird feeder. Up until today I have only seen the mature doe with the three doe kids, but last night that was to change. I was awoken at 4am when my mobile phone started to receive MMS pictures from my game camera, so I quietly crept out of bed and downstairs to the kitchen window and watched them feed 1.5 meters away for about ten minutes. I tried to take some pics from my iPhone but unfortunately it was too dark and the camera could not focus.

At first I could only see three deer, the mature doe and two smaller animals, so I started to think that perhaps she had lost one, as these roe deer live in a very urban environment losing one to a traffic accident is a high possibility. However, upon closer inspection something didn't look right, one of them was a buck! It was at this point I finally clicked, this was a different roe deer family visiting, so that's a total of seven different deer I have seen and my girlfriend has also seen a lone animal which she was sure was a buck, so there is potential to be eight different animals in the area! I look forward to seeing the roe mature, especially the bucks as they start to develop their antlers in velvet.

Anyway enough talking, here are the pics! =)

Check out the eyes of the roe walking toward the camera in background!

The mature doe (left) moulting from winter to summer coat.
Is that a camera!!!
The mature doe (left) with the buck, notice the buttons above the eyes!


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    1. Thank you, I got some nice video the other day so I'll post it up on my blog soon.



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