Saturday, 12 January 2013

First try of Prvi Partizan 30-06 150 grain FMJ

I decided to brave the -10 Celsius temperature today and headed out into the woods to give the Prvi Partizan 150 grain FMJ a try in 30-06. Having arrived at my shooting spot, I took out my laser range finder and started pinging the trees to locate one at 100 meters, near to which I would set up my target. Target set up I made myself a little nest in the snow and made myself comfortable, rifle resting on my rucksack I put the cross hairs on the target and fired the first shot, luckily for me the shot hit on the the paper so I made the necessary scope adjustments and walked the impact point onto the point of aim as my scope was currently set up for my hunting load. After firing several shots I was very pleased with the accuracy, even through my scope (Zeiss VariPoint 2.5-10x50) I could see the shots were grouping nicely, below are the results of a 3 shot group.

Prvi Partizan 30-06 150 grain FMJ
As you can see the accuracy was very good, less than 1 inch at 100 meters. I could have probably shot better from a bench at the shooting club but this was not open so I had to make do in the forest.

I'm going to Sweden at the end of the month to hunt capercaillie & black grouse, over there you can shoot them from the tree tops with a rifle in very remote forest areas, I think I will use this ammunition for that hunt. I will be taking my video camera with me so hopefully I'll get some nice footage of the birds and the shooting to share on my blog.


  1. Good luck with hunting ...we have tjäder a lot in our hunting area. But its difficult to get them

    1. Thank you, it's my first try at this type of hunting so I'm really looking forward to it. Just hope my skiing skills are good enough! =)


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