Sunday, 20 January 2013

First shooting competition

Myself and my friend Jon Anders recently decided to participate in the local hunters shooting competitions to improve our shooting skills and also give us something to do during the winter months. In Norway the shooting competition is called 'Jaktfelt' and the targets are all of animals and shooting ranges vary, regional shooting ranges host competitions over the weekend and these are open to all hunters. This shooting competition took place at Rakkestad's Shooting Range and compromised of six shooting stages in different areas of the forest at different ranges and with different stance requirements. At each stage you shoot five shots, aiming for the 'bulls-eye' to score maximum points.

For this competition I decided to use the Prvi Partizan 150 grain FMJ in 30-06 which I reviewed in my previous post as I was getting good accuracy from them and they performed well throughout the competition.

The first target of the day was a crow at 63 meters and the shooting position was sitting, on this target I got 4 shots into the bulls-eye and one just outside so this was a score of 23 from a possible 25.

Second stage was a moose calf at 98 meters and sitting, my results from this stage was 25 / 25

Third stage was a pine martin at 33 meters and standing, I pulled a shot on this stage and only got 4 out of 5 in the permitted area so my score was 20 / 25

Fourth stage was a capercaillie at 50 meters standing, I got five scoring hits and 4 in the bulls-eye so 23 / 25

Fifth stage was a wolf at 100 meters sitting, here I scored 5 hits and got 4 in the bulls-eye so 23 / 25

The sixth and final stage was a roe buck at 79 meters sitting, I scored 25 / 25 on this stage.

My final score at the end of the competition was 139 from a possible 150 and landed me in 4th place from a total of 24 in my class, so not a bad start =) I think I may have actually won a prize, so will update my blog if I have been successful.


  1. We have that too in Sweden. Kuljaktstig is in August.
    But we go out in the woods where they built up stations of different targets and range.Its on time, moves or stand still

    1. Hi, this was in the forest also, I think we had 2 minutes to fire five shots at each stage. It was good fun so I'm looking forward to the next competition. We have a competition called running moose, (løpende elg) where you shoot at a moving moose target, I need to practice more at this as well.


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