Sunday, 20 January 2013

First shooting competition

Myself and my friend Jon Anders recently decided to participate in the local hunters shooting competitions to improve our shooting skills and also give us something to do during the winter months. In Norway the shooting competition is called 'Jaktfelt' and the targets are all of animals and shooting ranges vary, regional shooting ranges host competitions over the weekend and these are open to all hunters. This shooting competition took place at Rakkestad's Shooting Range and compromised of six shooting stages in different areas of the forest at different ranges and with different stance requirements. At each stage you shoot five shots, aiming for the 'bulls-eye' to score maximum points.

For this competition I decided to use the Prvi Partizan 150 grain FMJ in 30-06 which I reviewed in my previous post as I was getting good accuracy from them and they performed well throughout the competition.

The first target of the day was a crow at 63 meters and the shooting position was sitting, on this target I got 4 shots into the bulls-eye and one just outside so this was a score of 23 from a possible 25.

Second stage was a moose calf at 98 meters and sitting, my results from this stage was 25 / 25

Third stage was a pine martin at 33 meters and standing, I pulled a shot on this stage and only got 4 out of 5 in the permitted area so my score was 20 / 25

Fourth stage was a capercaillie at 50 meters standing, I got five scoring hits and 4 in the bulls-eye so 23 / 25

Fifth stage was a wolf at 100 meters sitting, here I scored 5 hits and got 4 in the bulls-eye so 23 / 25

The sixth and final stage was a roe buck at 79 meters sitting, I scored 25 / 25 on this stage.

My final score at the end of the competition was 139 from a possible 150 and landed me in 4th place from a total of 24 in my class, so not a bad start =) I think I may have actually won a prize, so will update my blog if I have been successful.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

First try of Prvi Partizan 30-06 150 grain FMJ

I decided to brave the -10 Celsius temperature today and headed out into the woods to give the Prvi Partizan 150 grain FMJ a try in 30-06. Having arrived at my shooting spot, I took out my laser range finder and started pinging the trees to locate one at 100 meters, near to which I would set up my target. Target set up I made myself a little nest in the snow and made myself comfortable, rifle resting on my rucksack I put the cross hairs on the target and fired the first shot, luckily for me the shot hit on the the paper so I made the necessary scope adjustments and walked the impact point onto the point of aim as my scope was currently set up for my hunting load. After firing several shots I was very pleased with the accuracy, even through my scope (Zeiss VariPoint 2.5-10x50) I could see the shots were grouping nicely, below are the results of a 3 shot group.

Prvi Partizan 30-06 150 grain FMJ
As you can see the accuracy was very good, less than 1 inch at 100 meters. I could have probably shot better from a bench at the shooting club but this was not open so I had to make do in the forest.

I'm going to Sweden at the end of the month to hunt capercaillie & black grouse, over there you can shoot them from the tree tops with a rifle in very remote forest areas, I think I will use this ammunition for that hunt. I will be taking my video camera with me so hopefully I'll get some nice footage of the birds and the shooting to share on my blog.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Cheap Prvi Partizan (PPU) ammunition

I recently received an email from a popular sports & outdoor chain here in Norway advertising cheap ammunition from a company called Prvi Partizan (PPU). They make a large range of ammunition for both sports shooting and hunting so I decided to go ahead and buy some of their Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) for my 6.5x55 and 30-06 and have a try.

On first inspection the ammunition looks very well put together and the Over All Length (OAL) of each round of ammunition was extremely close, the brass has a bit of a grainy look to it when compared to Norma or Lapua, but I have no idea if this is due to the type of brass used or perhaps just less polishing, either way that's not really important here as I'm more interested in their accuracy rather than how pretty they are.

Here's a couple of pictures of the boxed ammunition and their details

30-06 - 150 grain / 9.7 gram FMJ

6.5x55 - 139 grain / 9 gram FMJ BT


One big noticeable difference between the two calibers is the profile of the FMJ bullet, if you look at the point you will see that the 30-06 has quite a pointy/sharp tip, whereas the 6.5x55 has a more rounded/blunt tip more common with a soft-point hunting bullet. I also noticed that the 6.5x55 FMJ is stated on the box as being BT (boat-tail) whereas I presume the 30-06 is a regular flat based bullet, to be honest at the ranges I will be shooting (under 300 meters) this will play no role.

30-06 & 6.5x55
You cab visit the Prvi Partizan website by clicking here.

I hope to be going out soon to do some test shooting so I will report back on my blog regarding the results of their accuracy.