Sunday, 23 December 2012

Fox down!

I met with a few friends on Saturday to participate in some roe deer hunting with a dog and to enjoy the last chance to hunt roe deer together before the end of the season. It was a cold overcast day with temperatures about -8 Celsius and sporadic snow fall, we met up at 8.30am and after a coffee and a little briefing we made our way over to the designated posts. My post was overlooking what used to be a small ski slope about 150 meters long, so I positioned myself about 50 meters down giving an opportunity to shoot both up and down at comfortable ranges.

Having sat at my post for 30 minutes the cold was slowly starting to settle in and my attention was slowly starting to drift when all of a sudden a red fox appeared about 50-60 meters down the slope from me, the fox was jumping up in the air and breaking through the icy snow with it's paws to try and catch rodents. I waited for the fox to move out in the open and then when in a good position I carefully raised my 7x57R kombi and placed the cross-hairs on the shoulder of the fox, I made a squeak noise to get the fox's attention and then when it stood still to investigate the sound I released the shot. The fox dropped instantly to the shot and didn't even twitch, I radioed in to the team I had shot a fox then after five minutes went to collect it. A beautiful red fox in winter coat.

The rest of the hunt turned out to be fruitless, there were no signs of fresh roe deer tracks so we decided to finish up early and have a little camp fire to mark the end of a successful year hunting with friends.

Here are a few pics of the fox.


I'm hoping to do more fox hunting with my friend Jon Anders over the winter months so hopefully we'll be able to get some video footage, stay tuned! =)


  1. Hi J!!
    Your blog must have been erased from my bloglist...put you on it again.
    Congrats to tthe fox...

    1. Hi & thanks!

      I've been following your blog for a while now =) I'm thinking about getting a tax so I really enjoy your posts with the tax hunting.

      Wishing you & your family a Happy New Year!

  2. A handsome fox indeed! Hope you had a wonderful season. Jack

    1. Thank you Jack, how has your season been going?

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Tyler,

      Yes I like to keep the pelt if it's a good one in winter coat, my friend took the pelt for this fox.


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