Sunday, 23 December 2012

Fox down!

I met with a few friends on Saturday to participate in some roe deer hunting with a dog and to enjoy the last chance to hunt roe deer together before the end of the season. It was a cold overcast day with temperatures about -8 Celsius and sporadic snow fall, we met up at 8.30am and after a coffee and a little briefing we made our way over to the designated posts. My post was overlooking what used to be a small ski slope about 150 meters long, so I positioned myself about 50 meters down giving an opportunity to shoot both up and down at comfortable ranges.

Having sat at my post for 30 minutes the cold was slowly starting to settle in and my attention was slowly starting to drift when all of a sudden a red fox appeared about 50-60 meters down the slope from me, the fox was jumping up in the air and breaking through the icy snow with it's paws to try and catch rodents. I waited for the fox to move out in the open and then when in a good position I carefully raised my 7x57R kombi and placed the cross-hairs on the shoulder of the fox, I made a squeak noise to get the fox's attention and then when it stood still to investigate the sound I released the shot. The fox dropped instantly to the shot and didn't even twitch, I radioed in to the team I had shot a fox then after five minutes went to collect it. A beautiful red fox in winter coat.

The rest of the hunt turned out to be fruitless, there were no signs of fresh roe deer tracks so we decided to finish up early and have a little camp fire to mark the end of a successful year hunting with friends.

Here are a few pics of the fox.


I'm hoping to do more fox hunting with my friend Jon Anders over the winter months so hopefully we'll be able to get some video footage, stay tuned! =)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Estonian Forest Webcam Pics

Below are a few pictures taken over the last few days from the Estonian Forest Webcam, you can access this at any time by clicking on the link in the Webcam section on the right hand side of the page, or to make it easy for you, you can just click here.

Enjoy! =)


 Thanks for reading, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Roe deer in the garden

Just a few photo's of the recent visitors in my garden, I noticed they had been feeding under the bird feeder when I saw their tracks in the snow, so I decided to set up my game camera to get some good pics. In total there were four roe deer, a doe and three kids which all looked like doe kids. I'll try and get photo's of them throughout the winter months and will update my blog as and when they appear.

Monday, 3 December 2012

First Contour ROAM camera action!

I decided to brave the -10 temperature on Saturday and headed out with a couple of friends to hunt roe deer with a dog and try out my new Contour ROAM action camera. In Norway we use small dogs with short legs so as not to stress the animals as they can't run very fast and simply bumble along a few hundred meters behind them barking. We started the hunt in one area but after a short search in the area the dog moved off into a completely different part of our terrain, so we gathered up our gear and re-located.

As I crept into my new post I could hear the dog barking just a couple of hundred meters away so I was extra quiet approaching the post so as not to scare any animals in the area. As soon as my head cleared the rise I saw a roe deer standing under the electric cables silhouetted nicely against the snow, on with my Contour ROAM camera and up with the scope, I couldn't make out if it was a kid or a doe, so I crept in closer to be sure as we have an agreement not to shoot the does. At about 75 meters I could see that this was a button buck, so I got my combination rifle/shotgun ready and put the cross hairs tight behind the front legs and took the shot. The 7x57R rifle rang out and I heard the pop as the bullet hit home, the roe deer shuddered to the shot, turned and walked away, I was confident that this was a good shot, so I gave it five minutes before making my way over. When I arrived at the shot site, I could see a good amount of blood on the snow and was happy that the shot was good, I then turned to my right and there I found the roe deer just 3-4 meters from where it was shot lying by a small pine tree. I gralloched the kid and upon inspection could see that the bullet had gone straight through the heart.

The buck kid had been separated from the doe and was looking back over its shoulder towards the barking dog which was chasing after the doe, if you listen carefully in the video you can hear the dog in the background.

Emil, a wire-haired dachshund at the kill

My Sabatti Forest 7x57R / 12-76 with camera attached

And now the moment you have been waiting for, the action caught on film, on my new Contour ROAM action camera.

It's still early days with the Contour ROAM but I have to say, so far I'm really impressed!

For this hunt I used my Sabatti combination rifle/ shotgun in 7x57R/ 12 guage and home reloaded 140 grain Sierra ProHunter with a velocity of 790m/s.

A perfect finish to a perfect morning with friends.