Sunday, 4 November 2012

Visitors in the garden

Awoke this morning to find another family were making good use of our garden and having a feed on the fallen apples.

In total there were four roe deer and we had them as close as two meters from the window. It's always great to have nature so close, but to experience this in Oslo was a bit of a bonus to say the least.

All this was taking place at 10:30am with people going about their morning rituals, the roe deer didn't seem phased at all and just raised their head to check when people or a bus went past, I guess they are just totally used to it and know they are safe here.

I think I will have to buy some food for them to help them through the winter here in Norway, plus it will be a great opportunity to get some nice photo's and enjoy seeing them up close.


  1. Very cool. Get some feed and send the pictures! Jack

    1. Thanks Jack, I'll update my blog with photo's of any new visits =)

  2. Nice pictures, better than a fox pissing in my garden every morning... :-)



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