Saturday, 17 November 2012

Moose Hunt, Norway 2012

Here are some pictures from our moose hunt 2012 in October, we had a quota of 13 animals and we managed to take 12 so it was a very good year.

I was supposed to be going with the dog this year but a couple of days into the hunt, the dog I hunt with fell ill so we had to retire her from the hunt for this year, still it was an exciting hunt and I had animals infront of me on several occasions but they were always thick in the trees and I was unable to pull the trigger for risk of injuring the animal.
A nice 6 pointer bull on the first day of the hunt

Per Terje with his 6 Point bull
This was the largest animail taken, a 9 point bull moose
Torbjørn with the 9 point he took

Typical moose extraction using the "Elgtrak" a motorized half-track

A bull moose srape and wallow
My 4 year old son is no stranger to hunting in Norway


  1. Nice hunt, and an interesting extraction method!

    1. Thanks Jack, the 'elgtrak' certainly makes the job a lot easier =) though it's not always easy getting it to the animal.

      Atb. Jonathan


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