Sunday, 11 November 2012

A brace of woodcock

Took the opportunity of a break in the recent bad weather to go out with my friend Jon Anders in his terrain to do some shooting over his bird dog. To cut a long story short after approx. 8 km's of hiking and a couple of missed opportunities we were on our way back to the car and with only a couple of hundred meters to go Hedda, my friends English Setter suddenly went on point. We both crept in shotguns at the ready and just as I entered into a small clearing my friend instructed the dog to push forward and she flushed out a woodcock, my first shot missed but I made true with my second and we had a nice woodcock in the bag!

Heading back to the car again both of us now very pleased with ourselves, it was like deja vu, Hedda suddenly went on point again and this time my friend Jon Anders was able to get a shot off and we had another woodcock in the bag. A brace of nice woodcock and a great finish to a great day out in the forest!


  1. You describe a perfectly beautiful hunt! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jack, always great to be out in the nature and if you get to shoot something, that's just a bonus.


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