Sunday, 28 October 2012

2nd roe buck 2012 & first kill with my combination rifle/shotgun 7x57R / 12

My brother came over to visit me in Norway so he could joing me on the moose hunt, (blog post coming soon!) which is now becoming a yearly tradition for him. He arrived a few days before the start of the hunt so we decided to go out and try for a roe deer together as he had paid his Norwegian license fee and had all the necessary paperwork.

I  decided we should go out on an evening hunt, so we geared up and arrived at the location about 4:30-4:45pm as it would be took dark to shoot by 8pm. Taking notice of the wind, I positioned him on a small hill over looking a nice open area surrounded by thick forest where the roe deer are known to come out to feed, whilst I continued a few hundred meters further into the forest positioned looking down a clearing from the overhead power cables.

We sat at our posts and at 7:30pm having seen nothing I decided it was time to pack up and creep out towards James. I knew the area well and also knew that there was the possibility of seeing roe on the way out so I made extra careful effort not to make any noise and slowly and stealthily made my way out of the area. I had gone no more than 50 meters when suddenly I caught a black silhouette standing out in the open, I knew straight away it was a roe so I carefully got my combination rifle/shotgun ready and steadied myself, after what seemed like 10 minutes but what was probably closer to 1 minute I could just make out a set of small antlers between the ears, confirming this was a buck. I waisted no more time, I immediately positioned the cross hairs high on the shoulder of the animal and gently squeezed off the shot. The bang rang out from the 7X57R rifle and a split second later I heard the pop as the bullet hit home on the shoulder of the deer, the buck fell on the spot and after a couple of kicks lay still. Although it's legal to shoot roe does now in Norway we have decided not to do this in our terrain as the population is quite small so we want to spare them and help the population increase, hence the need for me to double check the animal to see if it was a buck. I opted for the high shoulder shot as we were in the last minutes of light and I didn't want the animal to run into the thick forest requiring a search. I estimated the shot to be 115 meters but after confirming it on Google Earth it was closer to 135 meters.

I gave the buck a few minutes then slowly made my way over to him, I could hear my brother was fumbling his way towards me in the distance so when he got there we took the opportunity to get a couple of quick photo's, they're very poor as it was dark and my camera phone was struggling to focus with the light from the head torches.

A nice little 4 pointer and a first for my combi 7X57R/12
At home in the garage waiting to be hung and skinned.

A nice healthy 4 pointer and always great to get first blood with a new rifle! It was also nice to have someone help with the extraction, gutting, skinning etc. Thanks James =)


  1. A perfect shot, and a perfect hunt! Congratulations Jonathan! Great post!

  2. Thank you Jack, how have you been getting on?


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