Friday, 28 September 2012

A little trip to England

I recently returned from a two week trip back to England and decided I would do a bit of hunting while I was there. First up we decided to try for some geese, but it was not to be so we went out in the Polaris on the night with the lamp for some rabbits, this was great fun and the .22LR soon started making a small dent in the local rabbit population.

15 rabbits & 1 hare
Next up we decided to try for a roe buck but unfortunately all we saw were does and kids, this was great in itself as it's always nice to see the next generation looking fit and healthy. Not to be put off we waited till it got dark and headed out with the lamp over some recently cut corn fields to try for some foxes. As we crested the brow of the hill we shone the lamp and immediately got a set of eyes up, a little bit of squeaking to bring it in closer then back on with the lamp, the fox sat down so I placed the cross-hairs in the centre of the chest and 'bang' fox down.

A young cub taken with the .243 at approx. 75 meters

Another great trip back to the motherland, looking forward to going back again soon!


  1. Well done, fox looks good without usual massive holes from a .243

    1. Thanks mate, we just use the regular hunting ammunition we use on the roe deer, (90 grain Sako Gamehead) its flat enough for the foxes up to 200 meters and then we dont have to re-zero


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