Monday, 13 August 2012

Roe buck on opening day =)

After months of planning, scouting and preparing the 10th of August finally arrived and it will be one to remember.

The alarm clock went off at 2am and after no more than 1 hour of sleep I was stumbling about in my apartment trying to get everything ready whilst trying not to wake up the family, a coffee was quickly brewed to speed up the waking process.

All gear loaded into the car at approx 2:30am it was a 30 minute drive to my terrain, on the way it became apparent that the weather forecast the night before was incorrect and we were having more rain than predicted, not to be disheartened I soldiered on and arrived at my terrain about 3am. I unpacked the car, got geared up and slowly made my way into the darkness of the forest, 15 minutes later I was at my desired location, a nice clearing in the forest where we had previously seen evidence of fraying. Carefully and quietly I began the process of attaching my Summit Viper climbing tree stand to the tree and slowly ascended till I was about 5 meters up overlooking the whole area, this additional height helps enormously as the vegetation is so high at the moment, that sitting from the ground you would be lucky to see more than 30-40 meters.

A typical view from the high seat with camera ready to record any action.
Now in place I got my self organised and waited for the sun to rise, it was close to 5am before the light was good enough to to see across the whole clearing from my tree stand. The light rain persisted throughout the morning and several times it crossed my mind to pack up and head home, instead I just poured a coffee and enjoyed the nature. Eventually at 8am the rain stopped, I decided to give it another 30 minutes and then I would pack up and head home, then at about 8:15 I looked to my left and saw a roe deer walking across a small opening, but before I had a chance to identify if it was a buck or a doe it had disappeared into a small patch of forest. I got the rifle ready and looking through the scope identified the area it should appear if it continued on its path, 5 minutes later I could see the roe deer between the branches of two trees, I positioned the scope on the head and identified that it was a buck, cross hairs were then positioned behind the shoulder and half way up the body and I released the shot. The moderated 30-06 rang out and I heard the pop as the 200 grain Lapua Mega hit home, the buck dropped on the spot and after a couple of leg twitches it was all still. I made the rifle safe, packed up all of my equipment and descended the tree, once down I made my way over to the buck to find a nice little 4 pointer laying in the vegetation.

The buck as I found it.

A great start to the first day of the buck season and now well worth the 5 hours sitting in the rain!


  1. great result jonny, all the hard work has paid off with a fantastic buck. look forward to hunting with you in England i have a fantastic package awaiting your arrival which you can hopefully share on your blog. James

  2. Well done. I hope you will get some more action later on as well.


    1. Thanks Greg, I'm out tomorrow morning so fingers crossed.

      Atb. Jonathan

  3. A hansome deer and a handsome hunt for sure! Jack


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