Saturday, 7 July 2012

Game Camera Pictures

Went to check my game camera today as it's been out for a couple of weeks due to the bad weather, here are the results, as you can see we have the regulars plus a few new additions!

The bull moose we have been seeing recently

Look at the eyes by the tree... spooky!
Another moose approaching the salt stone
The new moose is a bull calf from last year
Here is a close up, as you can see his antlers in velvet are very small, he will be a spiker this autumn during the moose hunt
This is the first calf I have captured on my camera, great to see! =)

Our regular roe doe making an appearance

I'm hoping this roe doe will bring her kid to the salt stone soon... fingers crossed!


  1. Nice pictures and always great to see young heathy babes! Good post! Jack

    1. Thanks for the comment Jack, always great to see the next generation. Atb. Jonathan

  2. Great visit from the little moose calf. I was lucky to see 2 of them end June and got them on pictures....some days after I saw wild boars.
    Hope you will se the fawns soon. I seen some but in a very long distance

    1. Thanks, it's always great to see the young ones! Just hope the roe doe brings the kid with her as well so I can get a photo of that. Hilsen. Jonathan


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