Saturday, 16 June 2012

More scrapes & game camera pics

Another trip into the forest and more signs of roe buck, this isn't making the time pass any faster to the start of the season!

We were also very lucky today and spotted a moose which just stood looking at us about 75 meters away, it was a young bull moose so it's probably the bull moose we've been seeing on the game camera.

When looking closely at a buck scrape we noticed what looked like a big berry just sitting there in the middle of the scrape, upon closer inspection it turned out to be a tick. This tick must have taken all the blood it can hold and then fell off whilst the buck was scraping.

Tick full of blood! Yuk..
Now for the game camera pictures, looks like two locals are making another appearance.

Wasn't expecting that!!! lol =)


  1. Good pictures Jon! We have those ticks also...hate 'em!

    1. Thanks Jack!

      I hate ticks, I'm ok with other insects crawling on me and biting me, but when you have a tick with it's head buried inside you it's just horrible!

      This one was promptly dispatched of after we took the photo.


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