Sunday, 10 June 2012

Game camera video & pics plus more scouting pics

Today I met with my friend Jon Anders to go out in our hunting terrain to do some scouting and check on our game cameras. It didn't take long to find fresh roe buck fraying and scraping so it seems the bucks are starting to heat up in anticipation of the rut.

Here are some pics of the scrapes and fraying we came across.

Fresh roe buck fraying

Finished with the scouting we looped around to where Jon Anders had his game camera set up, flicking through the pictures he was lucky enough to capture a curious young moose, approximately 1.5 years old who seemed very interested in his camera.

Say cheese! =) 
Now it was my turn to check my game camera, I moved it to a new location last week so I was looking forward to see what the results would be. When I arrived at the camera I opened it up to see the results and the batteries appeared to be dead, luckily I had spares with me so I made a quick change and it enabled me to check on the screen the results of the week.

I wasn't dissapointed!

Roe doe creeping to the salt stone

Bull moose in velvet

I had captured over fifty, 10 second videos on my camera and I think this was the main reason my battery was dead, therefore due to the high levels of activity at the salt stone I have decided to turn off the video capture at the salt stone to help increase the battery life of the game camera.


  1. Cool pictures Jonathan! I don't use the video alternative for the same reason! What type cameras do you use? Jack

    1. Hi Jack,

      The camera I'm using is an Ltl Acorn 5210MM this one has the MMS function, I'm really happy with the camera, the photo quality is excellent. They have now brought out an even better version, the 6210 and this one has HD video recording and audio.


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