Sunday, 20 May 2012

Scouting for roe buck scrapes & game camera pics

As the sun was shining today I decided to make the most of it and took a tour out into the forest with my son to check my game camera and to do a little scouting, it didn't take long to find signs of game, here are some pics.

Moose McNuggets! =)
We have been seeing lots of signs of moose activity in our terrain so I'm looking forward to the start of the moose season in October, only 5 months to wait.....!

Fresh fraying and scrape from a roe buck

Excited with the results of the scouting I made my way over to the game camera to check the photo's.

First roe deer, a roe doe.
I set up my game camera to take a 10 second video each time it was activated, here is some of the video footage of the moose encounters.

More footage coming soon!


  1. Nice big moose pic, Jonathan. Very long video footage that I've never take it.

    1. Thank you for your comment Jackson S.

      The game camera is an Ltl Acorn 5210 and I'm really happy with it, I set it up to take 10 second videos when activated and then I just merged them all together for the YouTube video, the video quality is not great but it's more than good enough for what I need.

      Thanks for reading.


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