Saturday, 14 April 2012

England Adventure - Part 2: Another fox down!

On Tuesday evening my brother James and myself decided to head out in the hope of getting my first roe buck of 2012. On the drive up the weather seemed very hit and miss with patches of heavy rain followed by light drizzle, but on arriving at the terrain the weather was overcast with no rain, a great start. We had decided earlier that we would arrive a little early in the terrain allowing for a short stalk where we had previously seen a small buck before spending the rest of the evening in the high seat where we had seen a couple of other small bucks.

We arrived at a small patch of forestry surrounded by fields of ewes and their lambs, we set off stalking through the forestry with the wind in our faces, but after 45 minutes we had not seen anything so we decided to loop round and stalk back to the car. We had just stalked by a beautiful meadow and were heading down a deer trail overlooking a field of ewes and their lambs when James spotted a fox in the field with them. We knew the farmer had lost several lambs so immediately we crept 50 meters down to the edge of the forestry over looking the field in the hope of getting a shot at the fox, but when we got to the edge of the field the fox was nowhere to be seen. James started squeaking to try and get the fox to show itself and after a few seconds the fox appeared about 100 meters away in the forest edge at the opposite side of the field, I quickly steadied myself and placed the cross hairs on the chest of the fox and as soon as it stopped I released the 200 grain Lapua Mega and a promising pop sound followed, to which my brother confirmed he saw the fox fall. We walked over to the area the fox was standing and there we found a mature vixen, I lasered the range and it was exactly 111.5 meters from the edge of the field where I took the shot. The farmer will be a happy man! =)

Me and my first fox with the 30-06
We spent the rest of the evening sitting in the high seat but only saw hares and pheasants, then I saw a couple of roe deer in a field about 500 meters from our high seats. They were too far away to identify so I made the decision that we get down from the high seats and stalk over to them, carefully we approached the fields using hedgerows to cover our approach, after about 20 minutes we were in a position where we could clearly see the roe but it turned out they were both does...typical! Anyway, we decided to wait in the cover in the hope that a buck would show itself as we knew there was a nice one in the area, unfortunately the light slowly disappeared and the buck did not come out to play. Either way it was a great evening, we had taken a fox which had been killing lambs and had successfully stalked into shooting range of two does, it's just a matter of time before we bump into a buck!

Here's a short clip of one of the does we stalked up to.


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    1. Thanks Jack, I had a fantastic time back in the UK.

      I've got a couple more exciting posts with video to go up in the next week or two so keep watching this space!

      Atb. Jonathan


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