Wednesday, 11 April 2012

England Adventure - Part 1: Fox down!

I went out hunting with my brother on his local terrain on Sunday night, where he has the rights to hunt small game, so we took the .22 LR for rabbits and also the .243 if the opportunity of a fox presented itself. Entering the terrain with the wind in our face the prospects were looking good and the rain was holding off, we cautiously entered the terrain stealthily weaving between the gorse bushes in the hope to catch a rabbit or two sitting out in the edges. Unfortunately there was nothing to be seen, so we decided to continue towards another known area which consisted of both gorse bushes on the higher ground and reeds on the lower ground, entering the area and being careful not to skyline ourselves it was only a matter of seconds before I spotted something. Up with the binoculars I confirmed it was a fox searching through the reeds and about 150 meters away, stalking sticks now in place my brother located the fox in his cross-hairs and released the shot as I watched it slump to the ground through my binoculars, reloading and watching the fox in the cross-hairs there was no sign of movement, so after a couple of minutes we slowly approached. The fox was a mature vixen and James had pulled off a perfect head shot at a confirmed 139 meters by my laser range finder.

James with a mature vixen.

Good shooting James! =)


  1. Did he use the .22 or the .243? Jack

    1. Hi Jack,

      He used the .243 Tikka T3 Lite.

      Thanks for reading!

      Atb. Jonathan


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