Saturday, 31 March 2012

New sound moderator - A-Tec Maxim

Well after countless hours of research humming and hahing, and weighing up the pro's and con's between different models and styles, I have took the plunge and decided to get my Sauer 202 Classic XT 30-06 barrel screw-cut for a sound moderator. My initial concern was that the fluted 56cm barrel on my Sauer had an iron sight at the front and I was worried that by removing it to have a mod fitted would spoil the look of the barrel, well lucky for me the iron sight just sits on the profile of the barrel and is attached by one screw 3cm back from the muzzle. This means that I can remove the sight when wanting to use the mod and simply replace it when I don't....Happy days! =)

Barrel screw-cut M14x1
After much deliberation I decided to go for an A-Tec Maxim sound moderator after reading lots of positive reports on Internet forums, but also due to its light weight, telescopic / over the barrel design and modular construction which allows easy disassembly for cleaning or to add / remove baffles if desired. The benefit of using a sound moderator is that sound emissions and recoil are significantly reduced and muzzle flash is eliminated.

Here's some pics of the A-Tec Maxim

Here you can see the integrated muzzle brake which aids in reducing recoil & muzzle flip.
Here you can see one of the six aluminium modules with the steel blast baffle.
Name & Model: A-Tec Maxim (Norwegian 6 baffle version)
Total Length: 235mm / 23.5cm
Length over barrel: 80mm / 8cm
Length extended: 155mm / 15.5cm
Diameter: 45mm / 4.5cm
Weight: 450 grams with 6 baffles
Sound Reduction: Approx. 32 DB(C) ~ depending on caliber and ammunition!
Company website (in Norwegian):

About: The A-Tec Maxim is a lightweight, over the barrel moderator deigned for use on centrefire rifles up to caliber 300 Win Mag. It is manufactured from 7075-T6 Aluminium and stainless steel for the components which come into direct contact with the hot gasses to prevent gas cutting.

I'm very happy with the look and feel of the rifle when the sound moderator is attached, I used it for the first time hunting during my recent muntjac hunting trip to England and I was very impressed with the sound reduction and also the lack of recoil and muzzle flip. I would highly recommend this moderator to anyone looking for a lightweight over the barrel design moderator.

If you look at my blog Muntjac Hunting in Livermere, England there are two muntjac kills I managed to capture on film using the moderator.


  1. I have a new toy coming in and it is different thread to my other rifles... so CMM-4 cant be reused, need a new mod. I think I will give Maxim a go.

    1. Hi Greg, I've been using the A-Tec Maxim for almost one year now and I'm really happy with it, sound suppression is great and it's not too heavy. I think if you get a Maxim you will be very happy with it.Atb. mate Jonathan


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