Thursday, 1 March 2012

Going Muntjac Hunting in England! =)

Well... I have been counting down the days for a number of weeks like a child waiting for Christmas and today is finally the day =) Yippee!

I'm going back to the Motherland (England) for a long weekend with a Norwegian friend and this time it's purely hunting. We have both arranged to participate in the annual Accurate Reloading, (An American Hunting Forum: click here for forum link) England Hunting Trip where we will be participating in some Muntjac hunting on a private English estate. I have never seen, let alone shot a Muntjac so I'm really excited about the trip and also about meeting like minded individuals from all over the world.

Muntjac are an Asiatic species which were released into Woburn Safari Park in England in the 1920's, they managed to escape and now we have healthy populations in the southern counties which are slowly moving northwards, with sightings in some areas of Scotland and even in Ireland, but surely this was with some "illegal" human intervention!?!

Muntjac Buck
Image courtesy of Margoz - Wikipedia 
For more information on Muntjac: click here

I will try my best to post up daily reports and pictures of the hunting as the trip progresses, I will also be taking my video camera with me in the hope of getting some footage, so stay tuned and watch this space!!!

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