Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Gunslinger Corral Rifle/ Shotgun Holster

As most are probably aware, having a heavy rifle can be very tiresome and cumbersome, especially during long stalks and hunting trips. I found this out quite quickly whilst being invited to go with the dogs during our Norwegian moose hunt, I had no idea just how long and difficult those treks were, especially when hauling a varmint style rifle around. Needless to say, as soon as I got home after the trekking in the forest, I immediately began looking for a solution to make it more bearable.

Having searched on the net for hours and hours I came a across a YouTube video of the Gunslinger Corral Rifle/ Shotgun Holster, the video made the product look like the perfect solution, so I took the plunge and ordered the 'Gunslinger Ultimate Sportman Set' direct from Gunslinger in the US and received it within a week. The 'Gunslinger Ultimate Sportman Set' includes the rifle/ shotgun holster, quick adjust rifle belt and universal backpack attachment, the holster is available in three colour options, high-visibility orange, black and camouflage and you need to specify whether you will have a right or left handed version!

I have now used this product over several seasons and have covered a lot of km's putting it to the test and all I can say is "wow" this holster makes such a difference, you almost forget your carrying the rifle as the weight is transferred to your waist.

Here are some pictures of the holster:

Press-Stud opening for belt attachment.
Quick-Release Fastener to hold your rifle/ shotgun in the holster.
Here is a link to the Gunslinger Corral Website: click here

Here is the Gunslinger YouTube video which inspired me to buy one:

I highly recommend this product, it works great for heavy rifles but also if you just want a secure method to hold your rifle when trekking and hunting over difficult terrain!

P.s. check out their other YouTube videos posted up by Gunslinger to see just how versatile this system really is!


  1. Its the Kifaru Gunbearer, by another name.

    1. Thanks for the comment SBW, I agree seems to be the same sort of thing.

    2. Bushwacker, the kifaru and Gunslinger Corral holster are two completely different designs. The ONLY similarities ar that they both help secure a rifle or shotgun. I have both Items, and at this piont, have no use for the kifaru..

  2. Thank you for this postr! I had never heard of it! I'll check it out, and purchase one! Jack

    1. Glad to help =) I hope you are satisfied with it!

      Atb. Jonathan

  3. It Is FAR from a Kifaro sling thing.


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