Sunday, 18 March 2012

Flexible Camera Tripod

I like to take my video camera out with me in the hope of catching any action that takes place during my hunts and I managed to get some good roe deer and moose footage but the video has been a little bit shaky. To rectify this I purchased a flexible camera tripod, this enables me to connect my camera directly to my tree stand, shooting sticks or even a tree branch in the area where I'm hunting in the hope of getting some "shake free" footage. I have used it several times now and I'm very impressed with it, the rotating head makes it easy to pan and tilt and it's also silent and covered in foam which is a huge plus when your having to re-adjust the camera position

I managed to get my first kills on video using this tripod whilst hunting muntjac in England, click here for a link.

Here are some pics of the tripod:

Flexible Camera Tripod with removable camera shoe and rotating/ lockable head.

The red camera shoe screws onto the camera enabling a quick and easy attachment or removal from the tripod

This is the head of the tripod which accepts the camera shoe, notice the red quick release buttons and the locking head pan/tilt knob.

Here's an example of how you can attach them to some shooting sticks whilst waiting at a post.
I'm hoping to get some good footage during my spring beaver hunting trips, so stay tuned for more!


  1. Jonathan,

    Great idea, I was thinking about something similar somehow attach camera to sticks. I must try this. It would be good to find a little flexible tripod with a full size attachement to swap between flexible and full size tripod. I will have a look on ebay...


    1. Thanks mate, it really is a handy little piece of kit. I have tried other gorilla style tripods in the past but they were noisy when setting up and repositioning, this is by far a better option. Atb. Jonathan

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I bought this as you recommended and went out after roebucks last night. It was raining so after I tried how the thing fits my sticks I detached camera and put in my pocket. Just behind the tracks bend I bumped on a buck! He looked at me but could not figure out what I was, he calmed down and I tried to get the camera from the pocket and attach back on the flexible tripod on my sticks. I struggled to do that quietly, but managed eventually. I put rifle on sticks and zoomed in camera, but it was shaking like hell. I somehow calmed myself and tried to keep everything steady and pulled the trigger. I have not watched it yet, will try to upload soon on YT. Thanks for the tip anyway, I guess it is even better from the high seat.


    1. Hi Greg,

      I'm looking forward to see how the footage turned out, it's not ideal on sticks but it works, from a high seat they work fantastic.

      Congrats on the buck


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