Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lynx on the loose....

Well I took out my new game camera last Sunday to see what was about in my terrain, on Thursday me and a friend went to collect the memory card and moved the camera to a different location.

After loading the pictures onto the PC we got a bit of a shock, the time and date are wrong as I forgot to adjust this before I put up the camera but I worked out that the pics were taken on Thursday 7th July at approx. 12-12:30pm.

Click on the pics to enlarge them!

Great to see a lynx, especially since it's the first thing my camera has taken photo's of, but not exactly great to have in your hunting terrain...

... I hope he doesn't take the big buck I've been observing the last few months!!!

Moved the camera to a new location and got this picture by MMS

Red fox

I'll post up more pics as and when they happen.


  1. Great pics, Jonathan! Wow, cool to capture pics of a lynx. Hopefully he won't eat your buck. :)

  2. Hi Anders, yeah it was great to see but I haven't seen the big buck recently, we have found some scrapes in the area so there is a buck or two about =) We'll see how it goes on the 10th August.


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