Saturday, 2 July 2011

First fox for my brother & his new rifle!

Decided to go out and try for a fox with my brother James and his new Tikka T3 Lite in .243 Winchester, the same rifle I wrote about in my previous post. We slowly stalked into an area which offered a great vantage point and where we had put out some dead rabbits to help draw foxes into the area, after getting there and getting into position we started squeaking, after trying for over one hour with no success we decided to get up and have a walk around the rest of the terrain, we had only walked 100 meters when a roe doe burst from cover, a great sight and we continued walking.

We walked for several kilometers through the terrain but saw nothing, and with the sun starting to go down we headed back to the farm track and decided to stalk up on a area where fox had been seen previously. About 250 meters away from the area we began our stalk making sure we were extra quiet, on approaching the first field we used the cover of a hedge row to see if anything was about in the freshly cut and bailed field, first field revealed nothing, so we slowly crept along to the the next field. I skanned the field with my binoculars but saw nothing and we were just about to move on when I second glanced the field and from nowhere a fox was making its way straight towards us at about 150 meters, I nudged my brother and he immediately got into a shooting position using the fence post as a firm rest. The fox was still making it's way towards us and was completely oblivious of us, as it got closer it became apparent that the fox was carrying something in it's mouth, up with the binoculars again and I identified it had a pheasant in it's mouth, exactly the reason why they need to be controlled in this area as there are pheasant pens and gameshoots which take place. When the fox got to about 50 meters I squeeked and it stopped quatering towards us, my brother released the shot and the fox dropped on the spot, we made the rifle safe and headed over to the fox, my brother had shot it right through the middle of the shoulder with the bullet exiting through the ribs on the opposite side, a great shot and the bullet a Sako GameHead 90 grain performed perfectly - works great on roe deer and fox!

Here is a pic of the fox as we found it

A picture of the happy hunter!

Well done James, a great shot and a great start with the new rifle, looking forward to you coming over in October for the moose hunt!


  1. Nice one, a victory against the foxes, and dinner thrown it too. Result


  2. SBW, Thank you for the post!

    It certainly was a great result & a great confidence boost for my brother with his new rifle.



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