Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Eager for a beaver! =)

We've been having problems with some beavers felling trees which have been obstructing footpaths/ski trails and also damming streams causing flooding in several areas. I've never shot a beaver before so I have taken it upon myself to help reduce the numbers in the terrain and if successful use the skins for a comfy seating mat for hunting in the winter months.

Now that the snow is starting to melt and temperatures are more favourable the beavers seem to be a lot more active so I'll have to go and pay them a little visit, I've got some Sierra Varmint 85 grain in 6.5X55 doing 1000 m/s, should be just the medicine =)

A few pics from one area of my terrain


  1. Hi Jonathan

    Saw your blog linked from The Stalking Directory
    I'll be following your posts

  2. Looks great, Jonathan! I guess you'll get your chance at this location. Good luck! :) Can't wait for a report

  3. Thank Anders, the weather is a little bit cold and dark at the moment to sit out and wait, but as spring kreeps in I'll be waiting for them =) I'll post up some pics and a little story if I'm successful

  4. @SBW - thanks for following, i'm going to try and be a lot more pro-active with the blogs and photos this season. Watch this space =)


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