Sunday, 27 February 2011

Driven fox hunting with a dog

Joined a friend for my first driven fox hunt today, conditions were perfect, temperature was a comfortable -2 and we had blue skies with a couple of inches of fresh snow over night to help with the tracking.

We posted in different areas and set loose the dog, which was fitted with a GPS receiver so we could track it throughout the terrain.

After waiting for approximately 30 mins, it became apparent that the fox had gone to ground.
 The GPS tracker updates every 5 second and gives the position and distace to the dog. In the pic below you can see the compass screen which points in the direction of the dog and gives it's distance.
When we caught up with the dog, the fox had gone to ground in a small cave half way up a small cliff face , digging it out was not an option and as we didn't have access to a terrier we decided to leave it be as the fox had won.

Below are a couple of pics of the den where the fox had gone to ground.

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