Monday, 27 September 2010

Counting down to the moose hunt!!!

I've spent the majority of weekends the past few months getting the moose dogs ready for the start of the upcoming season on the 5th October. We have had some very close encounters, literally seconds behind the animal(s), but we have not yet managed to get one up close. One of the dogs had a moose at "stand" last weekend =) unfortunately we didn't get to it in time and the wind was working against us.

In one particular area we came across several wallows within a matter of meters of each other, I have attached a couple of pictures below, the quality isn't great as it was with my iPhone.

I'm now counting down the days to the start of the season, I will be hunting both from a post, (sitting and waiting) and with the dog, (walking through the forest following the bark of the dog to try and sneak up on the animals).

In our hunting terrain we have a quota for 13 animals, hopefully one will walk my way =)

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  1. Good luck om the moose hunt, mate! Looks like an interesting area!


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