Tuesday, 10 August 2010

1st Day of Norwegian Roe Buck Season

After counting down the months, weeks, days and hours, today (10th August) was finally the first day of the Norwegian Roe Buck season. I have spent the last few weekends thoroughly scouting the terrain for tracks and signs and all the hard work has paid off.

I arrived at my post at 3.00am in pitch darkness, it's strange how different the place looks at night with only a small head torch! I had to use my new GPS to navigate to an area which I had previously marked as a good post to sit and wait. The light slowly started to rise at 4:00am and by 4:30 it was good enough to shoot, if the opportunity had presented itself. After sitting for several hours without any signs of activity, I decided to have a try with the buttolo, I started a small sequence of peeps at 6:30am, at 6:45am a small buck appeared about 50 meters way in the thick cover of the forest. I had my crosshairs on him several times but he was obstructed by cover and did not present a clear shot. After watching him slowly work towards me for 10 minutes he finally entered a small clearing and presented a shot at about 15 meters away. I took the shot, he did and little jump and then ran off into the thick cover, I waited for 5 mins and then went to look in the area where he entered into the thick cover, no signs, no blood - oh dear! I went back to the area where I had shot him and after a few minutes of looking I found a blood trail, I spent the next 15 minutes on all fours following the trail into the cover and found him about 20-25 meters away from where I shot him.

Not a medal head by a long stretch, but he's going to be great eating.

Not a bad start to the season =)

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  1. I'm quite envious of you calling in bucks, mate! Are you giving lessons? Congrats again!


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