Saturday, 17 July 2010

A trip to the range

Took a trip to the range with a friend today to try out some new loads and check out the velocities in my rifle (6.5x55) and combi (7x57R / 12). I wasn't to be dissapointed, I think I have now found my perfect hunting load for roe deer, moose and everything in between.

The pic is of a 5 shot group, just ignore the flyer ;-)

Caliber 6.5x55
Lapua Mega 155 grain.
Distance 100 meters.
Centre to centre 5.5mm


  1. Wow! What a group! Now, you can't blame the gun... :)

  2. Thanks Anders =)

    I never expected this level of accuracy with 155 grain hunting ammunition, so I'm very happy!


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