Saturday, 17 July 2010

A trip to the range

Took a trip to the range with a friend today to try out some new loads and check out the velocities in my rifle (6.5x55) and combi (7x57R / 12). I wasn't to be dissapointed, I think I have now found my perfect hunting load for roe deer, moose and everything in between.

The pic is of a 5 shot group, just ignore the flyer ;-)

Caliber 6.5x55
Lapua Mega 155 grain.
Distance 100 meters.
Centre to centre 5.5mm

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Scouting my new terrain

Took a short trip out to my new hunting terrain with a friend on the weekend to look for signs of rutting roe buck and try out the new GPS mentioned in my previous post. We didn't find any signs of scraping or marking so it appears it's still a little early, however we did see tracks from both roe deer and moose, good to know they're in the area! We identified several good areas for the start of the buck hunting season and I plotted these in my GPS for future reference and locating.

We also visited some areas where there is known to be beaver activity and we weren't dissapointed, lots of fresh signs and tracks. I've never hunted beaver before so I'm looking forward to the possibilities when the season starts.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

My new toy! Garmin Astro 220 - GPS Dog Tracking Unit

I have been longing after a new GPS system for some time and have spent many hours scouring the internet researching into all the gizmos and bells and whistles the different models come with, well to cut a long story short today I took delivery of a Garmin Astro 220. This GPS system not only does the normal GPS stuff, it also enables you to real-time track any hunting dogs in your team which are wearing the special GPS collars. This will be a great adition to the upcoming hunting season allowing me to track the dogs on both the moose hunt and roe deer hunts.

Below is a pic of the GPS unit and I will make some future posts with the saved routes from the dogs.