Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Wild Boar Hunting in Sweden

Myself and a couple of Norwegian friends recently made the 6.5 hour drive to Kisa, Sweden from Oslo, Norway to participate in some wild boar hunting. We had been studying the weather carefully and it was clear the area was having a bit of a cold spell with temperatures dropping to -15 at night, in true hunting spirit we weren't going to let this put us off!

Car packed we left Oslo at approx 9.00am and after a couple of stops for the necessities (cheap acohol and tobacco for the smokers) we arrived in Kisa at around 4.00pm.  Bags unpacked and accomodation sorted, we met with the manager of the hunting area to go visit our posts for the next two nights.

Due to three feet of snow in the area, hunting from a post was the only viable option and at this time of the year only yearling pigs (the perfect eating size) can be taken.

This was our post for the two nights:

It was actually a lot better than I was expecting and the fact that it was enclosed with a roof was a real bonus.  The chair was surprisingly comfortable and the small window reduced obvious movement and noise which could spook the boar.

The view from Post 1
The view from Post 2

After 4 hours of waiting in temperatures around -10, at 8pm and in near darkness, three young boar finally showed up at my post. I watched them for 5 minutes until one finally moved away from the others and stood broadside. I positioned the crosshairs tight behind the front legs and took the shot, "bang" all three boar scattered, I reloaded and looked up to see if I could see anything, but due the darkness I couldn't see a thing, so out with the binoculars to scan the area. After a couple of minutes of scanning I saw a black lump partially hidden behind a tree trunk about 6-7 meters from the position of the shot, there was my first boar dead on the ground. The manager of the ground advised us to leave any shot animals on the ground as there is a strong chance they could return, he wasn't wrong! After another two hours of waiting two boar appeared at my post and after sniffing the dead boar went about feeding as usual. Same procedure as last time, I waited for one to move away and stand broadside, "bang" another shot in exactly the same position as earlier and this time I watched the boar run off to the right and amazingly drop down dead right beside the pig that was already lying there.

2 boar shot on the first night at approximately 8pm and 10pm
I shot both boar in the area marked with the red circle, they both ran about 7 meters and lay dead in the area of the green circle.
The smaller female boar weighed in a 32kg
The slightly larger male boar weighed in at 40kg
And finally a very happy but cold Jonathan

Caliber was 6.5x55 with "home rolled" Lapua Mega 155grn.

We're now planning a trip during the summer time, when the weather is a little more favourable and the days longer  =)

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